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Jennifer Ann Fritts

Music  |  Ceremony  |  Love  |  Play

Jennifer Ann is a Meditative Singer Song Writer from Holland/USA with her roots in mantra and medicine music. Her voice is soulful and warm and her fans describe it as a mothers embrace. 

With her search for the medicine and healing powers within music. She follows the traditions of mantra chanting and tribal ceremonial music. This is the groundwork for her original songs that she is now birthing into the world. These new songs are a fusion of tribal music and folk/singer-songwriter blended together as prayers for a better world.

She is currently travelling worldwide sharing her musical gift, together with ceremony, retreat and other healing work. In the past three summers of 2017-2019, she has toured throughout Europe, sharing at festivals, retreats, ceremonies and workshops. Her mission is to help people return to the core center of their being, with calmness, strength and connection to life. She uses her music to connect communities, teach sacred ways and sustain a healthy lifestyle. She believes we are made to thrive! And we do this best together as the tribe of many colors!


Leonoor Begeer

Power of Crystals

Social scientist, NLP- and NEI-coach, reader/healer and crystal master. Empowering is the core-business of my work with adults and children, for more than 30 years now. In my experience, it is the synthesis of Western and Eastern knowledge which is the key to wisdom, health and happiness.

18 years ago a dream came true by creating my own practice in energy-coaching ‘Kerntraject’. Bringing people step by step in contact with their essence is my specialty. That is what ‘Kerntraject’ means: the way to get in deep contact with your essence, and from that powerful place of love and light, discovering your way to express yourself in this world.
I love my work, it’s wonderful to see people grow and flourish!!!
Crystals can be very helpful in this process of getting more and more close to the light in your heart and soul. They can help you to keep your feet on the ground whatever life comes up with and to help you act in powerful connection with Mother Earth.

On this Wise Women’s Retreat I will lead you on a special journey of grounding your essence, with the help of a crystal. You will receive a little crystal on this retreat, tuned in for you personally.  In meditation I will help you to open your heart, layer for layer, for the energy flow in your personal crystal. It will bring you more closely in contact with the Love and Light within you, in connection with Mother Earth. Grounding your Essence brings more strength and balance in your daily life.
Let’s go on a strengthening and twinkling journey together!


Tina Powers

Trusting Your Own Natural Knowing

It is our birthright to be intuitive.  Trusting ourselves is the key to our own freedom.

It is my belief we all have intuitive psychic gifts. Somewhere along the line we were told not to use them. It became more important what other people thought about us, instead of what we thought and felt. Our value was dependent on others viewpoints. I am hoping we turn that concept around. Learning to trust ourselves, what we sense and how we feel.

Tina lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona. Her clientele is a veritable "who's who" of people from all walks of life - from business leaders to celebrities that span the globe. Her warmth, infectious laugh and incredible ability to help people connect with a higher vibration enables them to lead happier and more inspired lives.


Karin de Gorter

Pathway to Cellular Health

Karin is an enthusiastic coach with great experiential expertise. She has been studying natural health for over 10 years; she has followed trainings in energy healing and studies with Dr Gary Samuelson to get an even deeper understanding and knowledge about cellular health and wellness. She is dedicated to helping people discover their pathway to natural healing from the inside.

She will talk about the foundation of cellular health, giving insights in the roll of nutrition and lifestyle, but also how your mindset and mental perspective play a part in your total well-being.

In her practice, Sandredín, she guides people in finding personal healthy habits for creating balance in general well-being. Her approach is holistic and from the heart.


Katie Macks

Leadership Powered by Pleasure

Katie is an inspiring thought leader who is changing the face of leadership through her organization - Audacious AF Leadership - Katie believes that in each one of us, lives a gifted and powerful leader.

Katie has been a leadership trainer and relationship coach for 35+ years . She is maverick liberator who joyfully challenges the status quo. Katie knows that we are living in an era where leadership must pivot from the outdated and oppressive power structures of the Patriarchal World Culture (PWC). 

The PWC has had serious consequences in every culture. Women have learned to live as circles smashed into a square world. We exist inside the PWC that cuts us off from our life force, our essence and our power. We have learned to put ourselves last. Work harder. Be logical. Show no emotions. We have learned to expend so much energy hiding our true nature, which is truly exhausting. Our natural state of flow is met with constriction, logic, details, rules, and deadlines. We are told our bodies are wrong, our minds are irrational, and if we are unhappy, it’s our fault - it’s our weakness.

Our world has lost sight of the profound values of the feminine. The truth is, many of us have never learned the values of the feminine, or, we have deliberately pushed them away.

Katie’s deepest desire and calling is to create a world where sisterhood, community and connection takes the place of competition, criticism and doubt. A world where women see their bodies as beautiful, sacred and powerful. A world where we leave a legacy of radical self-approval and self-appreciation, empowered feminine leadership and speaking truth as the new normal. A world where there is no more depletion, obligation, burnout and resentment. Rather, a world where we passionately contribute to ourselves first, then to our families, communities and society - and that we are received with deep gratitude.

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