Wise Women Retreat | Netherlands
May 28, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Hotel Gaia, Diepenveen,
Schapenzandweg 3, 7431 PZ Diepenveen, Nederland

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Food is lovingly prepared to accomodate any special dietary need.



Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Music  |  Ceremony  |  Love  |  Play

Jennifer Ann is a medicine women and musician. She has traveled the world with ceremony and music. 
Today she will transmit the teachings of the cacao with you. You will have a heartfelt experience with yourself, your sisters, nature and the cacao itself. Together we will sing, dance, pray, share and experience ceremonial ways of gathering. Come with an open heart and curiosity and allow yourself to flow with the waters of one.

Katie Macks photo

Katie Macks

Leadership Powered by Pleasure

Katie Macks is an inspiring thought leader who is changing the face of leadership and business through her organization - Audacious Leadership - Katie believes that in each one of us, lives a gifted and powerful leader.

Katie has been a coach and trainer for 38+ years . She is maverick liberator who joyfully challenges the status quo. Katie knows that we are living in an era where leadership must pivot from the outdated and oppressive power structures of the Patriarchal World Culture (PWC). 

The PWC has had serious consequences in every culture. We have learned to put ourselves last. Work harder. Be logical. Show no emotions. We have learned to expend so much energy hiding our true nature, which is exhausting. Our natural state of flow is met with constriction, logic, details, rules, and deadlines. We are told our bodies are wrong, our minds are irrational, and if we are unhappy, it’s our fault - it’s our weakness.

Our world has lost sight of the profound values of the feminine. The truth is, most of us were never learned the value and glory of the divine feminine, and as a result, we have unwittingly denied ourselves the right to be fully who we are as women.

Katie’s deepest desire is to create a world where sisterhood, community and connection takes the place of competition, criticism and doubt. A world where women see their bodies as beautiful, sacred and powerful. A world where we leave a legacy of radical self-approval and self-appreciation, empowered feminine leadership and speaking truth as the new normal. A world where women run 6 and 7 figure businesses in pleasure, making the impact they came here to make. A world where there is no more depletion, obligation, burnout and resentment. Rather, a world where we passionately contribute to ourselves first, as we lead and run businesses that turn us on and light us up, so that we can be the legacy that we’ve dreamed of being.


Charlotte Willekens

Holistic veterinarian | Homeopath | Acupuncturist | Osteopath | Chiropractor for animals

​I work with the animals in energy, physically with bioresonance, co-creative with what the animals and my co-creative team indicate what is needed at this moment for animal and/or it's owner. That which presents itself, I treat. Always looking for the balance to do in that moment what is most needed. A lot of
self-development is needed to become the purest channel. My journey develops from curiosity and from a inner longing  to deeper knowledge, I am on a path to ascension with Gaia to the new world. Which is already there, but can be experienced and reached.

At the moment the animals often take me on a journey to indicate what the
owners need in their own path to ascension. This is the very reason why the animals are with this owner at that moment. I tune in to the animal about what may be indicated, resolved or made clear.


Henny van den Heuvel


I follow my desire and memory of a more balanced, harmonious and more loving world, by contributing to the realization with my work and with who I am at the moment.

Right now, in this time, a lot of light work is needed. We do this together. We light each other. I do this wholeheartedly.

In the meantime I have been through a lot in my almost 69 year life and I have taken on almost everything and gained more and more compassion for myself and everyone around me turns out to be my lightwork.

I am joyful and experience deep compassion for the world around me.
In the meantime I have been a therapist and counselor for over 35 years and have my own practice in
Wageningen. I guide women and men and children who need multiple insight, support, treatments and need a safe place to essentially experience themselves. I describe it as that I like most to give people back to themselves, to help discover who they are in essence, and thereby help to transform the blockages, to be able to be a complete, more multidimensional human on our beautiful earth, in interaction with nature, the animals, the spirits, resources and the light beings, the incredible versatility that exists here on earth to experience and practice this on every level.

My tools in my work are:
I work with reading, massages and energy treatments, inner journeys, insight conversations, coaching, constellation work, sound healing, oracle cards, breath and sound and voice work.

I deeply believe in the enormous power of the original feminine and everything in me wants nothing other than to know this, to give hands and feet and especially heart and pass the baton to the next generations. 


Ineke Dane

Healer en Coach

Dag mooi mens,

Fijn dat wij elkaar vandaag ontmoeten

Mijn naam is Ineke Dane

Dat is niet wie IK BEN

IK BEN een mens die blij wordt van andere mensen.
IK BEN in verbinding met de natuur. Zij voedt mij.
Ik word blij van mensen met, zoals wij dat noemen, een verstandelijke beperking.
Zij leren mij wat liefde is.
Liefdevolle Lichtwerkers, Engelen, Buitenaardsen, Gidsen en Helpers hebben me geleerd dat….. 
Dat is ruim voldoende.
Dat is al.

Als healer en coach werk ik als volgt:
Jij bent op zoek naar iemand die jou de gebruiksaanwijzing van het leven kan geven. Een manier om gemakkelijker en lichter in jouw leven te kunnen staan.
Die heb je NU gevonden. Kijk maar in de spiegel. Het zit in jou, die gebruiksaanwijzing.Ik wil/kan als doorgeefluik dienen; die kennis die onze niet aardse helpers en gidsen doorgeven, met jou delen. Samen met mijn spirituele helpers ondersteun ik jou met je hulpvraag en met wat verder aan het licht wil komen.Jij krijgt helder wat je aan ballast los mag laten en de hulp om dit ook daadwerkelijk te kunnen. Je krijgt inzicht in wat jou blij maakt, op weg naar waar jij voor bedoeld bent. 

Daarnaast heb ik de afgelopen tijd een boek mogen schrijven, waarin gechannelde verhalen staan van mensen die op aarde geleefd hebben en nu in de Lichtwereld zijn.

Wil jij hier wel zijn?

Ik heb er het antwoord niet op.
Jij, jij bent de enige die dat weet.
Diep van binnen borrelt er iets omhoog als jij jezelf deze vraag stelt…..

Zo begint mijn boek: “Wil jij hier wel zijn?” dat juli/augustus 2022 uitkomt bij Uitgeverij Oorsprong BV te Deventer.

Hier is mijn hart vol van en waar het hart vol van is loopt de mond van over.
Daarnaast ben ik erg enthousiast over het boek: “De zeven heilige vlammen” van Aurelia Louise Jones. Dit boek versterkt de inhoud van mijn boek op grandioze wijze.


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