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Wise Women Retreat | Netherlands 2024
Wise Women Retreat | Netherlands 2024
Apr 20, 2024, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Hotel Gaia, Diepenveen,
Schapenzandweg 3, 7431 PZ Diepenveen, Nederland

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Food is lovingly prepared to accomodate any special dietary need.


Laura Schoolcraft

 Laura Schoolcraft is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker on thought creation. She is a
international best-selling author of a composed book titled, “Awakened Leaders.” In this book, her
chapter participation is on “The Art of Relationships”. This chapter speaks to how everything is
relational and when we change that relationship, it alters and directs our life.
Laura mission is to intuitively guide our future’s great leaders by expanding their performance capacity
with her mindful development system. This proven process elevates one’s consciousness where true
connection occurs and allows one to live into their highest capacity. Her specialty is creating new and
transforming beliefs that produce desired manifestations. Laura performs her unique ability to coach
Leaders from an energetic consciousness with their emotional level. Over the years, Laura has created
a daily, systematized mind strengthening practice to help leaders achieve superior performances. The
repetition of this practice builds one’s emotional strength and creates consistent peak accomplishments.

Empowerment and Healing Transformation

Emotions guide us!  And... It starts by allowing ourselves to feel it! 
We will discover the value of our emotions and how to have emotional fitness that better leads and directs our life


Mariëlle Doornberg

Healing with Essential Oils

Mariëlle Doornberg is a Holistic Lifestyle coach and Aromatherapist. About 12 years ago her passion found her and essential oils have been a big part of her life ever since. She describes how she is "Very fortunate to be able to work with it to help people support their mental and physical health. In my practice I provide coaching with Human Design as a basis and I enjoy giving energetic treatments."

"I am really looking forward to giving every participant a beautiful oil experience during the Wise Woman retreat. I will explain how we can process emotions and traumas by working with the plant messages of essential oils. "


Wilka Zelders

Guided meditation

Slow down sister and feel your true power. 

Women definitely have a different energetic make-up from men. As women we are aligned with the rhythm of nature, the seasons and the moon. We are able to birth new creations, not through pushing, but through an organic process of alignment. Women have a very magical place inside of them: our womb space. If we attune to this space while we go into introspection, we know what is necessary right here, right now.

Have you listened, sister, to the wisdom of your womb space? Have you shared from that space, created from that space? Once we start doing this our impact in the world will become more beneficial, while it nurtures our own needs, wants and desires at the same time.

Let us slow down during this short interactive presentation, and feel our true power.

 Wilka Zelders has been teaching the Art of Feminine Presence (AFP) as a licensed teacher since 2011. She has guided thousands of women to connect with their womb space and the sensual rhythm of their own energetic flow. She also is a tantrica and walks a shamanic path as a ceremonial alchemist. Her ‘Handboek Energetische Basiskennis – hoe energie voor jou werkt’ is a bestseller, with reprints every year.
She is an artist, spiritual mentor and teacher ‘Energetisch Coach’ at Sonnevelt Opleidingen.
Her greatest passion is to co-create in beauty, as lightbeings within a human body,
in alignment with the evolution of Grandmother Earth. 


Devorah Medwin

Learn by heart, play with intention, explore and expand the practice of being you! 

Deepen and discover who you are when you feel the most fully expressed, and during the more tender times, when you’re not even sure who the heck or why you are.


Together, using simple and effective emotional fitness tools and techniques, we’ll find, nurture, strengthen, (and if you want), share and amplify You! 


Emotional fitness helps us enrich the life we’re living right now, increase resilience for the future, and enhance our sense of purpose and contentment. 


In times of stress, we can often feel lost in our own thoughts and struggles. It's easy to forget the importance of our unique selves in the biggest picture of humanity - the value of what it is that we as individuals bring to the table of it all. 


Join writer and educator Devorah Medwin on this safe and supported journey, creating a win win win for ourselves, our loved ones, and perhaps even our world - because when we put our oxygen mask on first, we help ourselves, and that helps everyone else around us. 

Thabita Stindt

Thabita's speciality is Ayurvedic massage. She followed this training at the 'Ganesha Center for Ayurveda' in Alkmaar. She is also trained as a 'healer', 'reader' and 'lightworker' and I followed the 4-year course at 'Mens & Intuitie', in Amersfoort.


The choice to start a business has been a long-cherished dream. She is grateful that she can shape her great passion, her own practice, in a professional manner. Tabitha is happy to help you with your specific issue. She gives massages and workshops.  There is a comfortable, serene peace. You are very welcome to meet her 'magic hands'...



Additionally Tabitha completed the Magnesium Consultant course by the Total Health training institute.

At Con Amore she  completed the 'basic medical and psychosocial knowledge'. A broad education to acquire knowledge and insight into how humans function, both physically and mentally. These trainings are a valuable addition to her holistic massages as you may want to experience for yourself!

Marga Berlinski

Marga Berlinski is an intimacy and relationship coach with 15 years in the field. She is dedicated to supporting individuals and couples in being fully self-expressed, confident and free in their relationships and intimate journeys. Her approach blends practical coaching with exercises that focus on physical and emotional awareness.

Write up

In this talk we explore what it means to be a woman. What are the stereotypes you grew up with? How did your culture shape you? Imagine not trying to get your way by molding and shaping yourself into the image you think a woman should be. Then who are you, really?

How would it look like if you are free, powerful and fully self-expressed? Lets explore this together and discover what an empowered woman looks like.

Retreat Netherlands: Sprekers

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