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Wise Women Retreat | Netherlands 2023
May 13, 8:45 AM – 8:00 PM
Hotel Gaia, Diepenveen,
Schapenzandweg 3, 7431 PZ Diepenveen, Nederland

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Food is lovingly prepared to accomodate any special dietary need.



Francine van Broekhoven | De Groene Zuster

Medical Thermography and Breast Health

What women may know about keeping breasts healthy and painfree.

Most women have never heard of anything else then just keeping their bra on all day.

But did you know the breast with get congested because of the bra?

What can we do to monitor our breast health other than self examination and mammography?

What is medical Thermography and how does that compare to mammography?

Francine has done thousands of thermography studies and with The Green Nurse she has over 20 locations in The Netherlands and Belgium where they perform this medical research.

She explained thermography reports to her clients and has become an expert on breast health.

With lots of love for women and with a lot of humor too, Francine presents breast health in an easy way.

All and all so you can start today taking care of your breasts in the best way possible.

Dutch website:

English website:


Brigitte Deneck

Breath-Voice Dynamics

Brigitte has been teaching “Pneumaphonie®️” (Breath-Voice) since 2005. It’s about optimising breath and voice, knowing that breath brings well-being and power. Voice is another dimension of power, which is not to be confused with force. 

We will explore this through physical exercises, many of which involve the pelvis,
or basin (“bassin” in French). 

You will also be invited to express yourself individually,
and you will be supported with coaching in the process.

Alice Longoria

Alice Longoria

Goal Getting With Grace  - Catch The "Happidemic" That is Healing The Globe

Discover a “Simple, Scientifically Backed Strategy That Instantly Stops The Stress Spiral, Helps You Keep The Weight Off And Sets You Up For Sustained Happiness, Connection and Success In Your Professional and Personal Life."

She is passionate about and specializes in helping high-performance people, especially women, teams, and businesses leverage, laugh, and lighten up for increased productivity, playfulness, and personal profit. Quality of life, doing more of what you love and less of what you don't and reaching goals with more grace, speed, and ease is what she helps her clients accomplish. She believes we can get it done AND have fun. 

At this retreat, she invites us to join the "'Happidemic' that is Healing The Globe" and shares with us one of her favorite anxiety antidotes... “A Simple, Scientifically Backed Strategy That Instantly Stops The Stress Spiral, Helps You Keep The Weight Off And Sets You Up For Sustained Happiness, Connection and Success In Your Professional and Personal life.”


Mary van de Panne

Sound Healing

A body will heal itself if it gets a chance. Mary’s work is about allowing for a deeply relaxed state in which that is possible. She uses the sound of her voice and a great variety of instruments from all over the world to create a bedding of safety and intimacy. Because it is not about melody or rhythm, the mind will surrender to the experience after a while, into a meditative state.
This workshop will give you a direct experience of what that can be like. Let yourself be touched and moved by yourself and the sheer joy of resonance.
Mary is providing sound baths and individual sound healing sessions since 2013, as developed by Soundfulness: body awareness, mindful awareness and empathetic resonance.


Helga Christian

Celebrating the gifts of gravity and oxygen

Helga Christian has led courses and workshops since 1982.

She has led transformational programs for thousands of people and is known for combining fiercely standing for what is possible for human beings along with
unfolding our poetic and joyful songs of the soul along the way.

Simplicity is one of her guiding principles in life. She will share with us her latest passion in moving our bodies while celebrating the  gifts of gravity and oxygen.

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