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Wise Women Circle

Trusting You Are Loved

A monthly gathering of women coming together to practice the power of committed listening.  A safe space is created where women can talk about whatever they are dealing with in life at the time.  Not only a place to share our struggles, it is also a place to celebrate our successes. What is shared in the group – stays in the group.  When one woman is speaking the other women are listening.  Listening more than with our ears, we are leaning in and listening with our hearts, our being.  Practicing being over there in her world.  Not only getting what she is saying but getting what is behind what she is saying.  Getting both her expressed and non-expressed emotions.  Listening for her greatness.  The women listening also learn to notice what distracts them while listening to another, what takes them away from being over there with the woman speaking.   And when that distraction happens, being able to bring our listening back.  We listen without judgement.  We listen for one another.  When permitted by the speaker, women listening may share to contribute how they may have dealt in a similar situation, ask a question or celebrate the accomplishment or breakthrough.    True listening is an act of love.  
This group is currently happening in Netherlands with a combination of in-person and video gatherings.  Typically scheduled on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Purpose of The Circle

Coming together to experience, learn & practice the power of committed listening. 
Listening with compassion.
Listening without judgement.
Listening FOR one another.
The Wise Women’s Group allows us to dissolve the obstacles to trusting we are loved.
Listening IS Love.

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