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Wise Women Retreat | California 2023
Wise Women Retreat | California 2023
Sep 23, 2023, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM PDT
Luxurious home overlooking the ocean,
2010 Vallemar Drive, Moss Beach, California



Tina Powers

Trusting Your Own Natural Knowing

It is our birthright to be intuitive.  Trusting ourselves is the key to our own freedom.
It is my belief we all have intuitive psychic gifts. Somewhere along the line we were told not to use them. It became more important what other people thought about us, instead of what we thought and felt. Our value was dependent on others viewpoints. I am hoping we turn that concept around. Learning to trust ourselves, what we sense and how we feel.
Tina lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona. Her clientele is a veritable "who's who" of people from all walks of life - from business leaders to celebrities that span the globe. Her warmth, infectious laugh and incredible ability to help people connect with a higher vibration enables them to lead happier and more inspired lives.

DrBeth Halpert

Dr Beth Halbert

Stronger Family Bonds

Dr. Beth Halbert, a.k.a. DrBeth, known as “America’s Teenologist,” is a licensed child/teen and family psychologist with a big vision and a compassionate heart. She combines sound clinical practices and parent/teen coaching with warmth and playfulness to build healthy, loving relationships between children/teens and parents. She offers products and services that help individuals and families tap into and live into their greatness. She is also a speaker, author, educator, facilitator, and singer/songwriter. 

DrBeth supports people of all ages to appreciate themselves, engage in positive dialogue with others, and develop healthy, loving relationships in especially challenging, dysfunctional situations. She knows how teens think and act and gets them to talk about their emotions and behaviors. She also knows strong-willed adults and gets them to accept themselves exactly as they are and accept their children and others exactly as they are. In short, she fully understands human behavior, relational dynamics and “inner family” dynamics (including our inner three-year-old’s, our inner seven-year-old’s, and our inner teens).


Cynthia Keeler, MA

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

 “The Increasing Importance of Play, Fellowship, Gratitude and AWE for Optimal Growth”.

Cynthia is known for her energetic spirit, and her contagious positive attitude of playfulness. Throughout her life she has combined her interests in Expressive Arts, Nature and Laughter as necessary therapeutic tools to survive and thrive in the world. Following her passion for helping people, she became a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, a Certified Humor/ Play Professional and a Therapeutic Drummer. Cynthia is a well-received speaker on topics that encourage and facilitate self-care, health, well-being and connection! Active participation in several of these modalities will be encouraged during her presentation.

Cynthia can be reached at:



Christine Horner, MD

Medical Thermal Imaging: A Magical Device to Help You To Stay Healthy

Christine Horner, MD is a board-certified and nationally recognized surgeon, author, expert in natural medicine, and a relentless champion for women's health. She spearheaded legislation in the 1990s that made it mandatory that insurance companies pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. She is the author of Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Christine Horner’s Program to Protect Against and Fight Breast Cancer, winner of the Independent Book Publishers Award 2006 for “Best Book in Health, Medicine, and Nutrition.” and the author of “Radiant Health Ageless Beauty: Dr. Horner’s 30-Day Program to Extraordinary Health and Longevity which won the eLit   Award 2017 for “Best Book in Health, Medicine, and Nutrition.” A frequent radio and television show guest, Dr. Horner has been interviewed on FOX national News, CNN, and by Dr. Mercola, and Dr. Oz. In 2000, Oprah recognized her as part of her “Angel Network” on her television program.

Dr. Horner has become an expert in thermography, working as an interpreter of thermal imaging since 2017, and in 2022, she opened her own mobile thermal imaging business, “Dr. Christine Horner’s Medical Thermography Group of Southern California.” For more information go to

Topic: Medical Thermal Imaging: A Magical Device to Help You To Stay Healthy

What if you had a magical way to see imbalances in your body years before they developed into a real issue or life-threatening problem? What if you were able to always keep tabs on your health, and when an early imbalance was detected, you could easily reverse it with simple diet and lifestyle techniques, therefore preventing the development of anything serious? And what if that magical technology was affordable, non-invasive, noncontact, pain-free, FDA-approved, and completely safe?  You are in luck! We have that magical device. It is called “Medical Thermography”. Using a harmless infrared camera, a picture of your overall state of health can be taken. It allows us to detect physiological changes in your body at a stage so early, they are easily and quickly reversible with simple diet and lifestyle techniques--years before actual structural damage may occur. In this seminar, you will learn about thermal imaging and why it is so important for your preventative health. 


Note: You will have the rare opportunity to get a full or half body thermal scan with Dr. Horner on Sunday, September 24th! Following your imaging, she will interpret your results and then schedule a one hour Zoom call to go over those results and provide individualized health coaching based on your thermal results. Since spaces are limited, you will want to secure your appointment time as soon as possible. For those who schedule in advance, there you will receive a $50 discount!

To learn more, go to 

Dr. Horner wants to make sure all of your questions are answered. If you would like to schedule a call with her before scheduling your thermal imaging, please email her at  

Laura Schoolcraft

 Laura Schoolcraft is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker on thought creation. She is a
international best-selling author of a composed book titled, “Awakened Leaders.” In this book, her
chapter participation is on “The Art of Relationships”. This chapter speaks to how everything is
relational and when we change that relationship, it alters and directs our life.
Laura mission is to intuitively guide our future’s great leaders by expanding their performance capacity
with her mindful development system. This proven process elevates one’s consciousness where true
connection occurs and allows one to live into their highest capacity. Her specialty is creating new and
transforming beliefs that produce desired manifestations. Laura performs her unique ability to coach
Leaders from an energetic consciousness with their emotional level. Over the years, Laura has created
a daily, systematized mind strengthening practice to help leaders achieve superior performances. The
repetition of this practice builds one’s emotional strength and creates consistent peak accomplishments.

Empowerment and Healing Transformation

Emotions guide us!  And... It starts by allowing ourselves to feel it! 
We will discover the value of our emotions and how to have emotional fitness that better leads and directs our life

Debbie Gisonni

Reboot Your Life!

Is your life in need of a reboot? Whether you’re recovering from the pandemic, struggling through unexpected change or just trying to manage life’s day-to-day challenges, a life reboot can give you a brand-new start. Join author, women’s empowerment leader and wellness expert, Debbie Gisonni, for this lively and inspirational talk as she shares practical and insightful ways to hit the refresh button on your life.


 What can a life reboot do for you? Everything!

·       Bring good health, joy, and love into everyday life.

·    Love yourself and life

·       Become a better leader, colleague, parent, sibling and friend.

·       Access your inner power to overcome challenges.

·       Decrease stress and illness.

·       Give your life and work more meaning.

Retreat California: Sprekers

Wise Women Retreat schedule

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9:10 AM

Morning Session with 3 Speakers

1:00 PM


2:00 PM

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5:30 PM

Social Hour

6:30 PM


8:00 PM

Completion of the Day

Food is lovingly prepared to accomodate any dietary need.

Wise Women Retreat | California 2023
Wise Women Retreat | California 2023
Sep 23, 2023, 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM PDT
Luxurious home overlooking the ocean,
2010 Vallemar Drive, Moss Beach, California

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