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 About Barbara 

Earlier in my life as a woman, wife and mother, I found that I first took care of the needs of others.  The things that mattered to me or that I needed were at the bottom of the list at the end of the day.  Much of the time my needs were simply delayed until later.  I learned that I was not unique in this phenomenon.  Through the years of my personal and spiritual growth I would realize that I was a better woman, friend, wife, mother when I nurtured my spirit.  I had the dream of creating a special day that was just for women… to nurture & inspire women in the areas of life that mattered to them.

After a serious battle with lung cancer in 2010, I took action on this dream and produced my first Wise Women’s Retreat near San Francisco, California.  For over 10 years now the Wise Women’s Retreat is an extremely popular and eye-opening day that women look forward to all year long. 

I now consider it a 

1-Day Vacation for a Woman's Soul

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